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( Administrator / shermanfujs / Sun, 28 Apr 2019 21:57:57 GMT) : Adding of new functions as well as better back end implementation.

Started off previously as a personal blog website in 2008.
With additional and more sophisticated function on the blog.
It provides user with not only a one way communication on the blogger but two way communication.
The idea was later migrated as blogging as times goes by seems to be outcast and seem not fesible.
It was then in the late 2009 where it was changed into a radio website, "SLS Radio".
With the intent of serving more people, it primary role was to be able to touch people with live streaming music.
The website was left idle in 2012 when maintenance was difficult due to time constraint and manpower.

Journey Evolution with the same idea in mind, intending to serve more people. With not only what its able to do but also to be able to make do with what the users want.

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Striving to serve great services to the masses

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